Step Beyond Social

Engage with a beautiful curation of media, interact with a community of real people and act upon the things that matter most to you.

A place for perspective

Urth’s trusted sources of opinion, information, entertainment, and news make it easier to build an informed perspective that leads to higher quality conversations and better life decisions.

Feel safe to be you

Stop feeling anxious around being ‘you’ online – rediscover the joy of being yourself. Develop and express your perspective with people who you know are real, without the fear of being shouted down.

An ecosystem of hope

If you’re feeling like humanity has lost its way, Urth can restore your faith. Subtle cooperation drivers, obvious opportunities for action, and evidence of true connection all point to the potential for real-world change.

Experience positive escapism

It’s natural to seek an escape from the everyday, but it doesn’t need to be time badly spent. Entertain yourself with the internet’s most trusted content, its leading voices, and your favorite people.

Trusted and Safe

Trust Score

Using trust indicators that mirror the real-life subconscious measurements we make every day, Urth successfully digitizes a human safety feature – and makes it fairer with decentralization. With this measure, you can feel safe to express yourself and trust that the people around you are acting with good intent.

Data Privacy

We don’t sell your data, ever. Our platform is designed from the ground up to avoid the kind of centralized data breaches that compromise your privacy. If you change your mind about who has access to your information, you can retract it at any time.


On Urth, you’re safe to be your authentic self, but only verifiable proof that you are who you say you are, will get you within the protective walls. In this trustworthy environment where your reputation is on the line, it’s hard to behave badly and easier to speak the truth.

Influential content, uninfluenced

The feeds you need

Don’t be a victim of manipulation. Take ultimate control over what, when and how you consume online with your Superfeed and personal Feed.

By prioritizing accuracy and punishing radical sensationalism, your feeds will feature thoughtful, nuanced and varied perspectives, and they’ll be absent of people saying controversial things for the sake of attention.

No more content aggregators, site switching, frantic bookmarking or content flagging. Find everything you’re interested in from the creators, causes, thinkers and friends you care about – under one roof.

Be a unifier, not a user

Only two industries use the word ‘user’: drug pushers and software companies. On Urth, you’re a member and a contributor, not a passive consumer to be manipulated and exploited.

Avoiding ‘user’ is central to our work at Urth – it’s a marker of respect for your inherent humanity and a reminder that your thoughts and ideas are essential not only to the success of our platform, but to our survival as a species.


Support your favorite Creators and become an active contributor to their community.

As a member, you’ll receive community-only access to events, behind-the-scenes content, livecasts, forums and more. Each membership tier and its rewards are overseen by the Creators themselves, giving them full control of their content and community.

Created for cooperation

Civil / Uncivil

The dominant currency for social media is attention, no matter how high the cost. On Urth, we deal in reputation.

Building your reputation in an authentic manner is key to receiving attention and privileges on the platform. The tech behind this process is built to help you avoid absent-minded reactions and hold you accountable for your online behavior.

The result is a safe space for you to be yourself while you develop an informed view, build respect on topics that matter to you, and regain trust in the content you consume.


Commenting is for exploitive media. On civil media, we have conversations.

Here, we encourage dialogue and discussion that moves people to action, where we attack ideas but not people. It’s an approach that turns Creators from broadcasters into community developers, and Urthlings from viewers into active participants.

By focusing on starting conversations instead of leaving comments, Urth makes digital social engagement healthy, meaningful, and enjoyable.

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