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Finally, a social media site where you can be yourself without fear of being attacked. Urth is a civil media platform free of bots & trolls providing you the freedom to be you.

The ideas you see here represent our best thinking today.
We’re building Urth with a passionate community of mission-driven people, and we’re hungry for new perspectives and revolutionary ideas.

If you’re serious about joining our mission, the button below will take you to our Pre-Beta Community on Discord where you can:

– Interact with & direct the Urth Leadership Team
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– Collaborate with others on the social and environmental  issues you care about  most  

What is our mission?

Our mission is to empower humanity with the technology to perpetuate the survival of our species.

Pre-Beta Community?

Urth Pre-Beta Community Members are everyday people who are dissatisfied with the current Social Media ecosystem and want to share their ideas and feedback on how to make it better

They also believe in our mission to empower humanity with the technology to perpetuate the survival of our species. Everyone in the Urth Pre-Beta Community has been verified which will dramatically reduce or completely eliminate incivility and trolls. We are a Data Privacy company – we’ll never sell or share your data with anyone, ever.

At its core, Urth’s community of real people is a committed group of Human Beings with a shared delusion: with the right tech, we can save humanity from itself. As active participants in our journey, you’ll become a co-creator who share your perspective to make the best platform possible

Private Calls

Engage with our latest thinking and provide your own feedback in regular Zoom calls with our Advocacy, Technology and Development teams.

Company Videos

Get first-hand experience of Urth’s company culture when you review videos from actual team meetings. Feedback from our Co-Creation Community is essential to addressing the stickiest issues we wrestle with.

Civil Discussion

Urth’s Advocacy team will regularly ask important questions to foster deep discussions about the future of our platform and our species. Share your thoughts to sharpen our thinking.

Shared Collective Delusion

Building the world’s largest social media platform isn’t our mission – it’s merely a means to attain it. Our mission is far more delusional, and we need you to realize it.


Kind & respectful discourse is demanded, and Trolls will not be tolerated, period.

The Best Version of You

Changing the course of our broken information ecosystem will require the best ideas from the smartest people. You’ will be required to dig deep to bring forth the very best of you.

United Nations Global Compact Member

All types, all trusted

From articles and podcasts, to friends and thought leaders, consume high quality content from trusted sources and engage in civil discourse with people you know are real.

Verified humans only

To become an active part of the community, every member must provide verifiable proof that they are who they say they are – there’s no room for bots and trolls here.

Free from manipulation

You are what you consume, so don’t let big tech decide who you should become. Urth’s algorithm is designed to put you back in full control with advanced filters and a novel discovery mechanism.

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