A letter from our founder

An invitation to shared fantasy

Our mission is simple. Empower humanity with tech-powered solutions to prevent mankind from going extinct.

Dear Fellow Human Being;

One of my favorite philosophers, Sam Harris, once said, “We have two options as human beings. We have a choice between conversation and war. That’s it. Conversation or violence.” Urth is committed to the first option — we’re building a platform capable of global conversation and cooperation so that we can avoid war and other self-inflicted catastrophes.

For the vast majority of my life, I’ve been horrified by the lack of global cooperation to solve our existential threats. This is confounded with the knowledge that we – humanity – have the capital and the desire to see our children and our children’s children survive on a livable planet. At Urth, we believe that the survival of our species is a non-partisan issue.

National Governments are shortsighted, corporations are more committed their shareholders, and International Organizations lack the teeth to compel cooperation. We need an interconnected network of individuals who are empowered to work together to solve the planet’s most pressing problems.

Our mission is simple, but not easy it is to empower humanity with the technology to perpetuate the survival of our species.

The current slate of Social Media platforms is painfully insulting. These platforms have hi-jacked our most important psychological mechanisms to connect with other human beings for their own profits. But what we really need instead is social media committed to fostering social cohesion.
Emotional well-being for individuals and

Relational connections so we can cooperate for the survival of our species.

Urth’s aim is to prove that social media can be evolved into civil media that will overcome the traditional boundaries that inhibit cooperation (race, country, religion, language, etc.) and mobilize humanity to solve our species’ collective problems.

Our Vision

Urth’s aim is to prove that social media can be evolved into civil media; and that when it does, it will overcome the traditional boundaries that inhibit cooperation such as race, country, religion, language or politics. Urth will mobilize humanity to solve our species’ collective problems. Urth is a completely new cooperative construct.

Before I share our fantasy, I’d like you to hear the following. A perfect world is impossible, but a better world is definitely possible. And the only way to attain a better world is by aiming for the best possible world.

Homo sapiens are the most intelligent and dominant species not only on this planet but within hundreds of millions of light-years. Sadly, 99.9% of life forms that have ever existed on Earth are extinct [Source]. Not only are the odds stacked against us, but even with our self-awareness, we’re destroying our ecosystem. We’re improving the living standards for a minority of people at the cost of harming the majority of the people on the planet. Humanity has the resources and the knowledge to live sustainably and peacefully on Earth but lacks a global cooperation construct. We’re committed to solving that, to enable a thriving human civilization on a sustainable planet.

What gets us out of bed in the morning?
To unite humanity so that people, resources, and knowledge may be shared to minimize war, poverty, suffering, and environmental harm.
What makes Civil Media different to social media?

Social media allows people to create and share content (personal news,
images, videos, links, etc.). And It was originally intended to help maintain and build relationships but has turned into an exploitative entertainment toy that robs people of happiness and dignity while making the technology companies trillionaires.

Civil Media contains the same social media features such as the ability to create and share personal news but with a handful of powerful additions.

Civility – a combination of philosophical, practical policies and technology that promote kind and respectful interactions.

Cooperative Action – Features that give Urthlings & Changemakers the tools to empower cooperative action. Urth features tools that get the right people, resources & capital to help solve our most pressing problems.
It’s these additions that we believe will help us realize our vision. Which is a thriving human civilization on a sustainable planet.

Who owns Urth?

Currently, I do. I am privately funding this incredibly risky venture because I’m incredibly choosy about my investment partners. I won’t allow anyone to pressure us from our mission just to eek out another penny. We are a mission-driven company, period. I’ve always built profitable companies, but as Peter Druker says “Profit is like oxygen. You need it to survive, but if you think that oxygen is the purpose of your life then you’re missing something”. As we grow, we will find an ownership & governance structure that ensures our platform will never exploit people for financial gain or be altered from our core mission.
Are you a delusional fool?

Do you know the difference between a bold visionary and a delusional fool? Nothing.

Nothing. There is no difference. If you believe we are bold visionaries, I suggest you invest your precious time and capital elsewhere. If you realize that we are delusional fools – and you too are a delusional fool who shares our fantasy, please apply to become a member of our Pre-Beta Community. 

We are committed to a world that works for everyone living now and in the future


Peter Montoya
Founder of Urth
Incredibly flawed Human, PTSD survivor, father of 5, godfather of 2, and brother to all of humanity

United Nations Global Compact Member

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Free from manipulation

You are what you consume, so don’t let big tech decide who you should become. Urth’s algorithm is designed to put you back in full control with advanced filters and a novel discovery mechanism.