Urth for Creators

“Subscription Revenue is the ultimate form of job security.

Stop being a victim to the whims of fickly algorithms or cancel culture”

We’re currently in the build phase. Join our Pre-Beta Community community in the mean time and help us build a tool that works for you.

We’re built to extend the purpose of your work by giving your audience tools to take action – we don’t reward consumption, we inspire doing. Instead of surrendering your content to cyberspace, let it become a means for people to solve shared challenges, together. Earn a living by inspiring better living.

Create a massive income stream, rapidly

Spend more time creating and less time tip-toeing around algorithms that upend your revenue or threaten to cancel you. Offer monthly subscription tiers creating a recurring income, sell merch and collect gratuities – build and control your revenue, your way

Build a bigger audience, faster

Build and engage with your audience free of trolls, algorithms and ads. Tailor your offering as your community grows, stay in charge of the relationship with your followers and own the data they choose to share with you.

Why should you create on Urth?

While they’re more commonly called Creators, Urth is actually built for Changemakers — who want to have civil discourse with their audience, understand their needs and change the world. Make a difference to the matters that matter most to you.

Built community through conversation

Use tools to encourage civil discourse and increase meaningful engagement within your community. Grow a following you can be proud to lead, and become a leader they’ll be proud to follow.

Become a changemaker by driving real-world action

Go from being a creator to a changemaker when you give your community opportunities to take action for causes they care about. Beyond an income stream – build your impact stream.

“Civilization rests on successful conversations.”

Sam Harris

Feature Highlights for Creators

Simple benefits management

Stay ahead of demand with an elegant system for managing subscriptions and releasing free or premium content.

Intuitive tools for engagement

Make engagement part of the process, not an extra step. Urth makes it easy to host meaningful discourse, launch livecasts and feel supported.

A variety of opportunities to earn

Let your audience choose how to contribute when you set up multiple streams of income like subscriptions, sponsorships and gratuity.

Insightful reports and analytics

Get to know your audience better with demographic insights you won’t get anywhere else.

United Nations Global Compact Member

All types, all trusted

From articles and podcasts, to friends and thought leaders, consume high quality content from trusted sources and engage in civil discourse with people you know are real.

Verified humans only

To become an active part of the community, every member must provide verifiable proof that they are who they say they are – there’s no room for bots and trolls here.

Free from manipulation

You are what you consume, so don’t let big tech decide who you should become. Urth’s algorithm is designed to put you back in full control with advanced filters and a novel discovery mechanism.

Ready to extend the purpose of your work?