We are a mission disguised as technology.

Urth is a civil media network empowering real-world action to solve global problems.

Civil Media /ˈsɪv(ə)l/ /ˈmiːdɪə/

The goal of civil media is cooperation.

While it’s more commonly understood as the act of being courteous and polite, civility’s Latin origin denotes the state of being a citizen – to act for the benefit of the commonwealth.

Cancel ‘Cancel Culture’

For social media monarchs, screen time means money. Beyond endorphin-spike likes and echo chamber chats, keeping eyes on screens is easy with outrage — an addictive emotion at the roots of cancel culture. 

Instead of using a cancerous culture as an advantage, Urth only does well when humanity behaves better. Our business model rewards Urthlings and Creators for behaviors that bring people together, and incentivizes that will end cancel culture. We’re tired of personal attacks. On Urth, you’ll no longer have to be silent to feel safe. You’ll be able to express the real you.

Urth is a platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries empowering them with the tools required to transform followers into action-takers.

Social media promised us connection, but what it gave us was painfully insulting. It made it easy to speak but made it harder to connect. It played on our weaknesses, brought out our worst, and held us back from the one behavior that’s critical to our survival: cooperation.

Welcome to Urth, where it’s easier to be the best version of yourself.

Here, we balance authenticity with mindfulness and kindness; we tell others how we feel while considering how they feel, too. On Urth, it’s easy to take action for what you care about. Welcome to what social media was meant to be.

Welcome to civil media.

Apply to Become a Urth Pre-Beta Community member

The ideas you see here represent our best thinking today. We’re building Urth with a passionate community of mission-driven people, and we’re hungry for new perspectives and revolutionary ideas. Our community is hosted on our private forum where our Leadership Teams share our latest ideas and gain invaluable feedback from Pre-Beta  Community. Anyone can be a Urth Community Member as long as you are committed to our mission and want to full-heartedly contribute to our cause, please apply now.

Truth and authenticity = Civility

Tell us how you really feel, once you’ve stopped to think.

Urth makes it harder to behave badly online, and eliminates bots, trolls, and (almost all) misinformation. Robust user authentication features ensure your actions impact your reputation in the real world.

Safety = Data Privacy

You own your own data. End of story.

We’ll never share your data – intentionally or unintentionally – ever. You generate and control your identity, and your consent will always be required.

Urthcoin = Ownership

A currency for cooperation.

Urth’s community-owned coin, Urthcoin, allows members to be compensated for building the network and gives the community a voice. You can earn by taking the time to give thoughtful feedback, make a meaningful contribution, build a following, and more. It’s tangible evidence of the positive-sum game we’re playing.

Content by Choice = Control

You are what you consume.

Get to the content you want, faster…without being pigeonholed by an exploitive algorithm. Our system is built to be an assistant rather than a dictator; you’ll have closer control over what, how, and when you consume content. Set multiple filters to personalize your Super-feed, discover new content and creators, and avoid the echo chamber with perspectives and topics you might not have heard about.

Whether it’s images, video, articles, or podcasts, this is your all-in-one platform to engage with all types of media – without being manipulated.

Opportunities for Action = Change

A seamless way to go from talking the talk, to walking the walk.

Words show who a person pretends to be, but actions prove who they are. Here, we start with conversations – not comments – and make it easier to find opportunities to take action for the things you care about, without going to the ends of the Urth.

A Fearless Self = Safety

Enter a safe space to be you.

Rediscover the joy of being yourself without feeling like you’re under threat of personal attack every time you express your opinion. Develop an informed perspective and share your views in safe conversations with real people who don’t shout at you for what you believe.

What part will you play?

Urth is the technology we need to help humanity thrive on a flourishing planet. How you contribute to cooperation is up to you.


Anyone who believes in our mission can take part in the creation and help empower people to talk to one another, grow their communities, and take real-world action for the causes they care for. Help us drive offline change, online.


Engage with a beautiful curation of media, interact with a community of real people, and take action for ideas that matter to you. Go beyond being social, to being civil.

Pre-Beta Community

Anyone can be a Urth Pre-Beta Community Member. We’re harnessing our community to really listen to the needs of our community, crowdsource the best ideas, and test their mettle. Our Beta testers will be chosen from the most active contributors of the Pre-Beta Community. We desperately need your honest feedback and original ideas.